How Old Is Android 21: The Ultimate Guide

How Old Is Android 21: The Ultimate Guide..

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How Old Is Android 21: The Ultimate Guide

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Android 21 is a character from the popular video game series Dragon Ball. She made her debut in the game Dragon Ball FighterZ and quickly became a fan favorite. But one question that fans often ask is, “How old is Android 21?” In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the depths of this intriguing character and uncover her age.

The Origins of Android 21

To understand the age of Android 21, we must first explore her origins. Android 21 was created by the Red Ribbon Army, a nefarious organization bent on world domination. Using the DNA of various fighters, including the likes of Goku and Frieza, Android 21 was brought to life.

However, unlike other androids in the Dragon Ball series, Android 21 possesses a unique characteristic – she has a human soul. This soul gives her consciousness and emotions, making her a complex and fascinating character.

Android 21’s Physical Appearance

Android 21’s physical appearance is that of a woman with pale skin, long pink hair, and striking red eyes. She wears a white lab coat over a black jumpsuit, giving her a distinct and stylish look. Despite her android nature, Android 21 appears to be in her prime and exudes an air of maturity.

Calculating Android 21’s Age

As a character created with various DNA samples, Android 21 does not have a definitive age. However, we can estimate her age based on the characters whose DNA was used in her creation.

For instance, Goku, one of the main characters in the Dragon Ball series, is known to be in his late thirties during the events of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Frieza, on the other hand, is a powerful alien over a thousand years old. Taking these factors into account, we can infer that Android 21 is likely in her thirties or forties.

Android 21’s Role in Dragon Ball FighterZ

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android 21 plays a pivotal role in the game’s story mode. She is a brilliant scientist who has succumbed to the hunger that comes with her android form. This hunger drives her to consume other fighters to satisfy her cravings.

As the story progresses, Android 21’s internal struggle between her human soul and her android instincts becomes a central theme. This conflict adds depth to her character and makes her a compelling antagonist.

Reception and Fan Theories

Since her introduction in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android 21 has garnered a significant following among fans. Her unique design, complex backstory, and morally ambiguous nature have made her a favorite subject for fan theories and discussions.

One popular theory speculates that Android 21’s human soul is the result of a failed experiment by the Red Ribbon Army. This theory suggests that the soul was intended for another android, but due to a mix-up, it ended up in Android 21, leading to her consciousness and emotions.

The Future of Android 21

As the Dragon Ball series continues to evolve, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Android 21. Will she make appearances in future games or even in the anime? Only time will tell.

However, one thing is certain – Android 21 has left an indelible mark on the Dragon Ball universe. Her unique blend of android and human characteristics, coupled with her captivating storyline, has solidified her status as one of the most memorable characters in the franchise.


So, how old is Android 21? While we can’t pinpoint her exact age, we can estimate that she is in her thirties or forties based on the DNA samples used in her creation. Her physical appearance, complex backstory, and role in Dragon Ball FighterZ have made her a beloved character among fans.

As Dragon Ball continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Android 21’s legacy will undoubtedly continue to grow. Whether she appears in future games or takes on a new role in the anime, Android 21 will always be remembered as a unique and fascinating character in the Dragon Ball universe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Android 21 a villain?

Android 21 is a complex character who initially serves as an antagonist in Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, her internal struggle and compelling backstory make her more than just a typical villain.

2. Can Android 21 transform into other forms?

Yes, Android 21 has the ability to transform into a more powerful and monstrous form known as Majin Android 21. This form enhances her abilities and changes her appearance.

3. Is Android 21 stronger than Goku?

Android 21’s strength is comparable to some of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball series, including Goku. However, her power level can vary depending on the circumstances and the form she is in.

4. Will Android 21 appear in future Dragon Ball games?

While it is uncertain if Android 21 will appear in future Dragon Ball games, her popularity among fans makes it likely that she will make future appearances in some capacity.

5. Can Android 21 control her hunger?

Android 21’s hunger is a central aspect of her character. While she struggles to control her cravings, her human soul allows her to retain some level of control over her actions.


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